Brussels terrorist attacks


Wow! How can I exclaim my disappointment at this utter and repugnant monstrosity? It is incredibly how we humans blend the line between the human and the monstrous…

It is almost impossible to say something about the tragedy in the heat of the moment without being inadequate. I do not want to explain why what happened happened,  I am sure we will all be watching hours of newscasts explaining it all in detail, including a video from some ‘fighter’ about their cause. The best thing I can say is that I am sorry, sorry for those who died for nothing and for those that kill for nothing.

I can say what I know. What I know is that I have Muslim friends and we disagree on certain issue, joke about others. We do, however, understand that nothing which so fundamentally threatens the mutual respect that lies at the core of our values should be called religion. I do not have a problem with Muslim people. I do not have a problem with the Koran. I have a problem with people who purposefully misinterpret religious text and indoctrinate powerless group in a blatant example of power abuse. Killing and raping has never been about religion: it has always been about power.

True power is inspiring people and not forcing them and believing that this involves anything other than desperation. I will end with two quotes, because I do not think any knows at this time what we should say. I offer my sincere condolences and believe in the freedom of worship of any God, but not of any dictator or political agenda. What I refuse to support is ultimately blaming God for our own selfishness, true power can also mean admittance…

-‘The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.’ (Paulo Coelho)

-‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.’ (Martin Luther King, Jr.)

In the light of this comment, I think time has come for our politicians to assume their fatal responsibility in taking clearly inadequate political action to resolve military conflict, which is now being used as an excuse for an ideology tearing the world apart.

Finally, I can only hope that taking action will start becoming a need rather than a forgotten promise.





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