Letting yourself down

Some days life feels more strenuous than the rest-much more in fact. Whether it’s exams in school or at work, personal obstacles or a mix of many such factors I do feel that sometimes it can seem too much. Yet it shouldn’t.

I’ve been thinking about making yourself proud and making others proud lately. It’s something you always hear from a very young age-to do your best, to do what will make you proud, to fight. As I grow older, I have more and more doubts about all this gladiator imagery and whether we have explained it to ourselves and our kids in most appropriate manner. Fighting for something you believe in, is admittedly, extremely rewarding-especially if you make it. However, the semantic filed of war is making those that miss the target appear, and sometimes even feel like the losers.



I’m not saying the importance is all in the journey, it is the result that most people take to matter, and in most areas of life it is numbers that matter. You are your grade or you end result to a lot of the people that judge your fate. Nevertheless, the most important thing in life remains to seek happiness. Of course we all want the best for ourselves but if this means denying ourselves the basics then perhaps ‘success’ comes at too high a cost. Being a fighter is great, as long as you do it on your own terms and fight remains your own.


People can do all they want to stop you but don’t let them. Shit happens, tomorrow, is another day.


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