Rape-Can justice ever be served?


I read this article recently and it shook me. Not because I’m a feminist, not because rape is something rare but because of the injustice in this story. Firstly, the violence the victim experienced should raise a red flag: socially, personally, morally. How anyone could display such bestiality on someone else, a complete stranger to them, is a testament to what Hannah Arendt rightly called the ‘banality of evil’. So, in case you were wondering here is what a rapist looks like:


Not your typical rapist? Not mine either. Perhaps we should we reconsider the typical guy to be, more often than not, capable of becoming the typical rapist…

Above is Brock Allen Turner, 20, who was found guilty of raping an unconscious woman on Stanford university’s campus. If this is not the ultimate testament to the banality of evil, I don’t know what is. This guy had it all set out; young, handsome, obviously rich, a swimmer on the college team. Where does the need to rape an unconscious woman he did not know violently, stem from? Additionally, how can you go to court, looking at the woman who you raped like a brute, and speaking about she supposedly said ‘yes, yes, yes’ when raped her behind a trash can causing tears to her body? This is not someone doing wrong, this is a coward. Nobody wants to go to prison, the issue is, some people, like rapists, like this guy, should not have the choice of whether they feel like going or not.

The victim was found with debris on her body, tangled jewelry, half-naked and with wounds on her vagina and breasts. I’m not saying this woman is perfectly or totally virtuous, that’s not the point, I’m just not sure Turner would appreciate it if someone did the same to his daughter. Moreover, even when the whole jury announced they believed him to be guilty, as well as there being his DNA all over the victim’s body and medical evidence to support both a case of rape and abuse, the judge gave this rapist half a year in prison. What he did could be punished by as much as 14 years, but fearing the ‘severe impact’ on him, of a sentence any longer then 6 months, the judge made the aforementioned decision. The victim’s account raises an important point, what about the impact on her? I’m not sure ruining a life should be worth 6 months in prison, and perhaps this is the saddest aspect of this very tragic case. Maybe the freedom to choose allows us to choose evil and perhaps this is the only way in which we can truly, choose to be good. However, the fact that we have a legal system that serves this sort of justice and fails to condemn this blatant evil is very problematic.

Finally, I will highlight a part of the victim’s text that I found particularly thought-provoking:’Sometimes I think, if I hadn’t gone, then this never would’ve happened. But then I realized, it would have happened, just to somebody else’…

I encourage you to read the rest of her story on the link below. There is nothing I can to to bring justice to this woman or the millions of other rape victims in the world but I hope that through this gesture I have given her story some of the justice it was denied.




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