An unlikely hero-the middle class woman


‘Une odeur retint mon attention ; l’odeur si singulière des femmes de la classe moyenne’.

-Dans la maison (play: Juan Mayorga, screenplay: François Ozon)

There is a mesmerizing aftertaste to this phrase, which in all lexical simplicity exhibits thought-provoking literary elegance.

Thus, I consider that language’s ability to shape meaning effectively and implicitly is powerful. However, this effect should simply be admired at times such as the aforementioned and not over-analyzed. Language can certainly be seen as a statuesque figure, a gorgeous beauty unaware of her radiance, a vulnerable and steadfast woman-something to marvel at, to be loved without the need to understood. Trying to explain why this is would equate to killing this woman and taking her apart in search for her iridescent aura. Logic and sense offer an orderly explanation for the chaos around us, which is certainly reassuring but sometimes we need to just let it be.

Let’s enjoy it for what it is.




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