Ellen DeGeneres’ tweet


I  would like to point out how ridiculous the claims of racist behaviour against Ellen DeGeneres are. It is true that we do not know her intentions, however an American lesbian with a show on prime-time national TV is not very likely to be a racist. Rather than finger-pointing we should perhaps look at Bolt’s great success. Congratulations, Usain Bolt!

Sadly, the mere fact that this was perceived as racist speaks for itself when it comes to what many assume of a black man’s duty to a white woman…

Significantly, the issue here is much greater than this controversy. In my opinion it is at least pretentious and dishonest that in a society in which black youths and mentally ill people are shot, the public is gravely concerned with whether or not a TV personality views Bolt in a discriminating manner. American society is such a broad one and capable of supporting such immense social progress but I doubt we will reach it, it seems more important to criticize individuals for their social media posts. Killing black people because they are black is the most clear evidence that for too many people in the US black lives unfortunately do not matter. Killing black people is disgusting and totally criminal-killing due to race is what is racist and not treating a human being to a joke. I fully condone any racism and equally, I am also appalled at the social pretense that surrounds the issue.

You can access the tweet below:



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